Feb. 28, 1593

Papal bull “Cum Haebraeorum Malitia” issued by Clement VIII [Present-day Italy]: “(6) Jews, but also printers and merchants, who…print, read, destribute, sell or give these writings as an example, run the risk of corporal punishment of excommunication and confiscation of property. (7) Those who give advice or offer help to the Jews so that they carry, read, write or print such books, incur the same risks. (8) The Pope orders the inquisitors to find these books, in person or by people they send, strictly in areas inhabited by Jews in synagogues and public places but also in private homes and workshops in libraries or Christian, and to proceed against those who have been convicted by the above or other (as serious) measures in their opinion. (11) states that the Pope will ban for everyone to hit these prohibitions, exceptions and cancellations or conduct contrary to their content. If anyone dared to do, he will incur the indignation of the omnipotent God and the apostles Peter and Paul.”
“Les Papes et le Talmud.” No author. April 1, 2011, Accessed online 8/30/2011