ca. 1595

“Constitution of the Jews” issued by the Polish Police [Poland] [Provisional]: “It is forbidden to go through the streets the streets at night playing or musical instruments, nor shall anyone, whether householders, young men, or boys, should or yell in the streets. If a person does such things, or if a fight breaks out at night, or if someone attacks a citizen or damages his home, the night watch are required to awaken one or two of the officials, who are expected to get up immediately and admonish the people to go home. If, however, they have been very violent, the officials have the authority to put them under arrest until the morning, when the chief officials of the community – may their Rock and Redeemer guard them – will settle their cases.” [Researcher’s note: Even though the text of the ordinance does not mention the word Jew anywhere, this law was aimed at Jews. The ordinance itself was called “Jewish Ordinance” and was printed in Yiddish.]
Rader Marcus, Jacob and Marc Saperstein: The Jews in Christian Europe. (2015); Researched by Ziba Shadjaani 11/13/2016