ca. 1598

[Possible/Probable] “Jewish-Ordinance” issued by the Council of the Imperial City of Wimpfen,* year 1598 [Imperial City of Wimpfen; Present-day Germany] [Provisional]: “[…] the honorable, guarded/careful, and wise council of Wimpfen have felt/noticed (‘befunden’) that foreign Jews are seen in and around Wimpfen and often appear in the city, especially during market days, trade/act/bargain (‘hanndlen/), do all sorts of business such as buying and selling and exchanging money, and commit all sorts of other forbidden actions/contracts (‘anndere verbottene Contrect treiben’) and numerous [of them] stay here day and night and become a burden to the citizens and those in the community. Therefore, the […] honorable council has deemed it good to issue an ordinance for them […]. Firstly, no Jew is to live in ‘Unndern-‘ or ‘Oberneyseßhaim, Kochendorff, Neckhersulm, Hainßen, Grundelßhaim, Wagenbach, Kirchhausen, Rappenaw, Bonfeldt, Hüpfelbower Hoff’ or anywhere near there, or stay overnight, [so] a Jew found to be housing one over night shall pay 3 batzen** and the harbored one (‘der beherbergte’) shall pay a fine of 3 batzen as well. […]” [Researcher’s note: *The Imperial City of Wimpfen is now called Bad Wimpfen and is located in the German state of Baden-Württemberg. **A batzen was a Swiss coin used in and around that region as a form of payment. This Jewish ordinance was renewed and expanded upon in 1626; 1630; 1756; 1760. The names of the cities have been copied from the text verbatim.]
Jüdisches Leben Kraichgau e. V. : Dem Vergessen entrissen. Jüdisches Leben im Kraichgau. Ausstellungskatalog zur Wanderausstellung Eppingen 2011 (Jewish Life in Kraichgau e. V.: Snached (away) from Oblivion. Jewish Life in Kraichgau. Exhibition catalog for the traveling/hiking exhibition [of] Eppingen [in] 2011); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 9/24/2018