Apr. 9, 1652

“Patent” issued by the Government of Austria [Present-day Austria, Czech Republic]: “[…] Even though His Imperial Majesty (‘kaiserliche Majestät’) has had a public patent published recently, [that required] that all Jews who live in the land leave […] by the appointed date, His Imperial Majesty have gracefully decided – due to certain and considerable reasons – that the aforementioned Jews – may be tolerated here […] in their current numbers because they are to give their Imperial Majesty who is their Lord and Sovereign a certain annual tribute of 4000 Gulden, and that they be stopped to make the proper payment […] of the aforementioned sum. […]”
Engelman, Wilhelm: Das Judentum in Oesterrich und die böhmischen Unruhen (“The Jewry in Austria and the bohemian Unrest”); (Leipzig; 1845); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani, 9/23/2017