Apr. 4, 1670

“Edict” issued by Leopold I [Present-day Austria]: “[…] 1) […] no one is permitted to settle in the Jewish quarters/city (‘Judenstadt’) without the permission of the magistrate […] 3) […] the church that is to be erected out of the new synagogue is to be occupied with the consent of the order (‘Ordinarius’) by secular/worldly priests (‘weltliche Priester’) and should be left to the magistrate, the secular bailiwick, and the right of patrons (‘Patronatsrecht’) […]” [Researcher’s note: This expulsion edict was made public with the sound of trumpets, and affected approximately 1400 Jews. On July 24, 1670, Emperor Leopold renamed this part of the city “Leopoldstadt” and approved on August 18, 1670, the building of a new church on this confiscated piece of land.]
Engelman, Wilhelm: Das Judentum in Oesterrich und die böhmischen Unruhen (“The Jewry in Austria and the bohemian Unrest”); (Leipzig; 1845); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 1/12/2018