Jun. 28, 1687

“Edict” issued by Frederick William (“Friedrich Wilhelm”) to the Farther/Eastern Pomeranian Government [Present-day Germany; Swedish Pomerania/Swedish Empire]: “[…] when we realized that the Jews have partly pre-paid for their passes/passports in advanced and that they would be wronged if they were to be expelled nonetheless: That is why we [have decided to] permit them graciously herewith, that they will be tolerated for one more year. After that, however, if We issue no other order, they are to clear the land/leave the land. […]”
Stern, Selma: Der Preussische Staat und die Juden; Erster Teil/Die Zeit des Großen Kurfürsten und Friedrichs I; Zweite Abteilung: Akten (“The Prussian State and the Jews; First Part/The Time of the [Prince]Elector and Fredrick I; Second Division: Files”); (Tübingen; 1962); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 8/26/2017