Sept. 17, 1688

“Decree” issued by the Royal Court Chamber (‘Hofkamer’) of Innsbruck [Archduchy of Austria; Present-day Austria]: “[…] the Jewry currently present in the domains of Arlberg […] except the three aforementioned families* are to completely leave their home/quarters and the territory of Arlberg with their attachments/household (families/servants) and their entire possessions (‘mit ihrem anhang und völligen hausshaben’) by the end of this year […]” [Researcher’s note: *The three Jewish families that were exempt from this expulsion order were Salmons, Abrahams, and Wolfens. As anti-Jewish as this ordinance is, it is noteworthy, that it also went against the wishes of the citizens who had rallied their government repeatedly to have all Jews expelled from the regions and who believed that the greatest threat they faced came from exactly those kinds of rich Jews. Jews forced to relocate yet again, petitioned Duke Franz Karl who had expelled them 12 years before for protection. Because of the abysmal financial situation of the Royal Court of Hohenems, he agreed to allow 10 Jewish families to settle there for a payment of 24 Gulden per family.]
Studien zur Geschichte und Gesellschaft Vorarlbergs. Regionalstudie zur Geschichte einer Weltanschauung [-] Antisemitismus in Vorarlberg. Herausgegeben von Werner Dreier in Zusammenarbeit mit der Johann-August-Malin-Gesellschaft.  Gedruckt mit Unterstützung des Bundesministeriums für Wissenschaft und Forschung in Wien, des Landes Voralberg, der Landeshauptstadt Bregenz sowie der Stadt Hohenems. (“Studies Regarding the History and Society of Voralberg. A Regional study Regarding the History of a Weltanschauung [-] Anti-Semitism in Voralsberg. Published by Werner Dreier in Cooperation with the Johann-August-Malin-Society. Printed with the support of the Federal Ministry for Science and Research in Vienna, the State of Voralberg, State Capital of Bregenz and the City of Hohenems.”); (Bregenz; 1988); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 10/6/2018