Jan. 25, 1695

Imperial Jew-Ordinance, issued by Princess-Abbess Bernadine Sophia, for the City of Essen [Present-day Germany]: “1. No Jew or Jewess shall take up residence in our lands without our signed and sealed letter of protection, under penalty of severe corporal punishment. 3. Those Jews here with our permission shall not be seen or heard on Christian holidays, nor have any Christian wet-nurses or servants, nor live with any Christians under one roof. 5. The Jews shall not loan any money to a man without [the knowledge of] his wife, nor to a woman behind her husband, nor to children, sons, daughters, servants or students.”
Samuel, Salomon. Geschichte der Juden in Stadt und Stift Essen bis zur Säkularisation des Stifts von 1291 – 1802 (History of the Jews in City and Abbey Essen until the Secularization of the Abbey, from 1291 – 1802). Fredebeul & Koenen: Essen, 1905. Page 104. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 1/13/2020