Aug. 22, 1699

“Jews at Ofen,” edict issued by Emperor Leopold I, Archduke of Austria [present-day Austria]: “His Imperial Majesty hereby most mercifully resolves with the afore-mentioned, righteous motives, regarding public law as well as faith, but also based on precedence, and damages inflicted upon the citizens of Ofen, […] that the Jewry of Ofen shall no longer be allowed residence there, nor stabiliment.”
von Guarint, Frantz Anton (ed.). Codex Austriacus: Zu Gemeinsamen Nutzen mit besondern Fleiß zusammen getragen Und das Erstemahl in Druck gelassen, Volume 1. Voigt & Koll: Vienna, 1704. P.564. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 8/14/2019