May 24, 1702

“Order” issued by Fredrick I and addressed to the government of Magdeburg [Present-day Germany]: “We have received and have been briefed about protected Jews who loan other citizens large sums of money against their homes […] that is why we no longer wish to permit for the aforementioned Jews to enter into such fraudulent contractual agreements (‘contrakte in frauds legis’) with Christians […] and you are to make this prohibition public with all seriousness and punish those who act against it appropriately. […]”
Die Juden in Preussischen Staate. Die geschichtliche Darstellung der politischen, bürgerlichen und privatrechtlichen Verhältnisse der Juden in Preußen, nach den verschiedenen Landestheilen, von C. F. Koch, königl. Preuß. Oberlandes-Gerichts-Assessor und Director des Land- und Stadtgerichts zu Culm. (Jews in the Prussian State. The historical presentation/account of the political, civil, and private legal circumstances/standings of Jews in Prussia according to various part of the country, [compiled] by C. F. Koch, royal, Prussian superior court assessor and director of the city and state court of Culm.) Marienwerber; 1833; Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 11/10/2019