Aug. 28, 1703

Frederick the Great decree that Jews are forbidden to say the Aleinu prayer [Prussia / Present-day Germany, Cologne]: “By God’s grace, we, Frederick, King in Prussia,  … Because with this the honor of our God, Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, must be protected and elevated and acknowledged before all peoples. And to the praise of the majesty of our God must be more secure, that this is so suspicious and was declared as blasphemy, it must simply be eliminated, rather than to tolerate the danger for the entire land and people any longer. So we herewith want to set and order in the power of this that in our land from now until eternity, under threat of expulsion therefrom, no Jewish man or woman, young or old, neither in the synagogue nor in his home use, pray or speak the quoted words of the prayer: … Alenu leschabbeach: Schehem coreim umistachawim lahevel varik, umitpallelim le lo joshia, and with this spit out and jump away. They should also not teach this to the children. From this time forth the …  Alenu prayer, which otherwise is prayed silently by everyone in the synagogue and recited loudly and clearly by one person and repeated by the remainder [of the people]. And because we want assure this all the more, we wish to appoint overseers who, because of this, will visit the synagogues from time to time. … And further, the violators of the above, according to the findings thereof, may expect that they will unavoidably be penalized with life and limb.”
Leo Baeck Institute Archive, New York. Researched/Received Translation from Leo Baeck Institute 7/30/2015 NEED MORE INFORMATION (ITEM NAME – PAGE # – RESEARCHER/DATE)