Nov. 3, 1706

“Patent” issued by Kaiser Leopold VI [Present-day Austria]: “[…] only Jews who are in possession of a Royal permit (‘kaiserlichen Hofpass’) […] – and only for the duration at which these permits are valid – are to be allowed to remain in Vienna […] and only Jews and Jewess who hold valid privileges (‘Hoffreiheyten’) and permits/passports (‘Pässe’), along with those persons who are truly essential to them, are to be tolerated in Vienna and on the countryside, [while] all others are to be removed immediately, so that those who sneak into Vienna and its suburbs without a valid permission/passport, can be punished immediately with expulsion as soon as they arrive […].”
Beyträge zur politischen Gesetzkunde im österreichischen Kaiserstaate; Herausgegeben von Johann Ludwig Ehrereich (Graf von Barth-Barthenheim): Erster Band; (Wien; 1821); (Contributions to the Political Statutes of the Austrian Royal State; published by Johann Ludwig Ehrereich (Earl of Barth-Barthenheim); Volume I); (Vienna; 1821); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 10/04/2017 ADD PAGE #