Jun. 26, 1710

“Serene Resolution” (‘Sereniffimi Resolutio’) issued for the Kramer-Guilds in Brunswick [Present-day Germany; Duchy of Brunswick-Lüneburg / Principality of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel]: “[…] except the protected Jews who have been admitted (allowed to settle) here, none (no Jew) shall be tolerated in-between markets/fairs/expos (‘Messen’) much less be permitted to purse trade under any pretext […]. As far as Jews are concerned who are traveling through [our domain], they are to be escorted from one [city] gate to the other [as per issued ordinances …]”
Friedrich Adolph Wolterecks Kurzer Begrif Braunschweig-Wolfebbüttelscher Landes-Ordnungen und Gesetze, welche seit den ältesten Zeiten bis im Monath December des 1750sten Jahres ergangen; (Braunschweig; 1771); (Friedrich Adolph Woltereck’s short-term local ordinances and laws of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, which have been passed since the earliest times until the month of December of 1750) Brunswick; 1771; Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 10/25/2019