Nov. 13, 1711

“Royal [Court] Rescript” (‘Hofreskript’) issued by the Austrian Royal Court [Holy Roman Empire; Present-day Austria, Czech Republic etc.]: “The local Jewry shall not [be permitted to] own toll[-booths] (‘Mauten’)* or mills or other realty (except brandy houses (‘Brandweinhäuser’**) via their own (separate) contract, and the royal fiscus*** is to keep an eye on this.” [Researcher’s note: *Mauten (sigular Maut) were toll-booth like crossings, usually at bridge crossings, where a certain tax/levy was required. **Brandweinhäuser were inns/taverns where brandy was dispensed. ***A fiscus was basically the treasurer of the emperor.]
Sammlung der seit dem Jahre 1600 bis zum Jahre 1740 ergangenen allerhöchsten Gesetze. In chronologischer Ordnung. Gesammelt und herausgegeben von Franz Xaver Wekebrod, erstem Magistrats-Rath und Syndikus in Römerstadt. (Brünn; 1810); (Collection of [all] supreme laws issued from 1600 until 1740. In chronological order. Collected and published by Franz Xaver Wekebrod, lead syndic of the magistrate and council of the Roman city.); (Brno; 1810); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 7/29/2019 ADD PAGE #