Jul. 12, 1715

“Rescript” Prussian government [Present-day Germany, Poland, Lithuania; Kingdom of Prussia]: “[…] that the land/country is to be spared with the admittance of (more) Jews: of those Jewish children who were born here, only one of them is to be tolerated here, the others are to be expelled (removed out of the country) […] each household is to pay ‘protection money/fee’ (‘Schutzgeld’), the beggar-Jews are to receive the alms at the [outside] gates, and during weddings, circumcisions, deaths, the Jews are to pay the clerics the same ‘Jura stolae’ (fee) as the Christians do. […].”
Johann Heinrich Ludewig Bergius kameralisten-Bibliothek, oder vollständiges Verzeichnis derjenigen Bücher, Schriften und Abhandlungen, welche von dem Oeconomie- Polizey- Finaz- und Cameralwesen und verschiedenen anderen damit verbundenen Wissenschaften, auch von der dahin einschlagenden Rechtsgelehrsamkeit handeln. (Nürnberg; 1762); (Johann Heinrich Ludewig Bergius Trade Library or list of books, writings, and treatises which deal with economic, police, finance, and trade laws and are connected to other sciences, and influence other laws.); (Nuremberg; 1762); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 10/22/2019