Mar. 10, 1718

“Music and Dance Prohibition” decree issued by the Lower-Austrian Magistrate of Vienna [Lower-Austria / Austria]: “From the Lower-Austrian government […] it is come to be known that there are wooden huts on the ‘New Market’ and other places […] and that this is not only in violation of the civil code, but poses a fire hazard […] and that often loud music after 10 p.m. is heard […] so the lordly generals are to uphold the laws and to prohibit Jews [to play and listen to] their own music and to dance on feasts and weddings, where even some Christians have been seen; which is prohibited and very punishable on its own: That is why it is ordered that 1) the large, wooden huts on the New Market and other places in the city are to be taken down 2) to inquire about the nightly music, and 3) to [ask] Jews to cease music and dancing in all seriousness.”
Braumüller, Wilhelm: Urkunden und Akten zur Geschichte der Juden in Wien. Erste Abteilung. Allgemeiner Teil 1526-1847. Erster Band. (Wien) 1918; p. 295, Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 3/18/2016