Feb. 10, 1719

“Rescript No. XXXVII” issued by King Frederick William I of Prussia [Prussia / Present-day Germany, Poland, Belgium, Denmark, Czech Republic]: “Rescript excluding protected Jews from accessing ‘Bau-Freiheits-Gelder’ [state mortgages/loans] for the purpose of either repairs of old houses or the building of new houses. They are prohibited from being able to buy houses, but are required to live in rental properties only henceforth. All local authorities are called to implement this law.”
Mylius, Christian Otto: Des Corporis Constitutionum Marchicarum, Fünfter Theil. (Berlin 1740), p. 179-180, Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 11/14/2015 ADD ENGLISH TRANSLATION