Jan. 26, 1719

Augsburg: Rules for limiting the amount of Jews allowed into Augsburg [Present-day Germany]: (Translation paraphraseExtract from resolution of the Senate in Augsburg, January 26, 1719: “Rules for limiting the amount of Jews allowed into Augsburg. All Jews have to visit the major of Augsburg during a four week time. They have to bring their letter of protection. All Jews will be questioned by citizens of Augsburg. They must answer their questions truthfully. Jews who have a contract of commerce with citizens of Augsburg will receive the status of a “nit-Burger”. They are therefore allowed in the city but will not be represented from the major.  This decree shall be published for everyone. Decretum in Senatum, January 26, 1719”
Decrees Collection, AR 379, Leo Baeck Institute Archive, New York. Researched/Received Translation from Leo Baeck Institute Nov/Dec 2014