Nov. 13, 1719

“Edict, regarding the prohibition to admit beggar-Jews” issued by Fredrick William I of Prussia [Present-day Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Russia; Kingdom of Prussia]: “We, Fredrick William, King of Prussia by the grace of God […] announce herewith to […] all of our prelates, dukes, lords, those of the knighthood, […] the magistrate in the cities […] all of our subjects in the Electorate of Brandenburg […that we] have noticed with displeasure that even though we had prohibited foreign beggar-Jews to enter our lands via the edicts of October 17, 1712, and November 14, 1714, that all sorts of poor Jews of both sexes still roam around in our lands [that is why we order herewith again] 1) that no Jew, may they arrive by foot or in a wagon, be young or old, man or female, be allowed to enter or pass through our cities or villages, but instead be turned away […].”
Anhang des Corporis Constitutionum Marchicarum Fünfften Theils. Zweyten Abtheilung. Cap. X. hält in sich Die General-Privilegia und Gulde-Briefe derer in the Chur und Mark Brandenburg bis- und jenes der Oder und Elbe befindlichen Zünfte und Handwerke, wie schon nach dem 16. August 1731 emanirten und in der Chur und Mark Brandenburg unsre dem 6. August 1732. publicirten Reichs-Constitution, mit Aufhebung derer alten Innungs-Briefe neu abgestattet und nach Ordnung der Zeit, wie sie publiciret sind, hier zusammen gedruckt worden. Kaiserliche Kurfürstliche Hofbibliothek. (“Supplement to the Constitution of the Margraviate. Fifth part. Twentieth section. Chapter X. contains the general-privileges and the letters/orders of the guilds in the electorate and margraviate of Brandenburg covering all [local craftsmen] guilds [located] all the way to the Oder and Elbe as it was issued as per August 16, 1731, in the Electorate and Margraviate of Brandenburg and published along with the state constitution of August 6, 1732, they are listed and printed here in chronological order as they were published after the abolishment of the old guild letters/orders. [From the] Imperial-Electoral Court Library.”); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 8/26/2019