Dec. 16, 1721

“Jewish Ordinance” issued by the Austrian Government [Present-day Austria]: “[…] only the Jewish head [of the family] who has been granted a privilege (‘Previlegium’), along with his wife and those of his children who are still dependent [‘on his bread’] and do not pursue their own trade as well as their servants who are absolutely essential to them may remain in Vienna. […]”
Beyträge zur politischen Gesetzkunde im österreichischen Kaiserstaate; Herausgegeben von Johann Ludwig Ehrereich (Graf von Barth-Barthenheim): Erster Band; (Wien; 1821); (Contributions to the Political Statutes of the Austrian Royal State; published by Johann Ludwig Ehrereich (Earl of Barth-Barthenheim); Volume I;) (Vienna; 1821); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 10/06/2017