Nov. 29, 1722

“Ordinance” of the Pomeranian War and Domain-Chamber (‘Pommerschen Kriegs- und Domainen-Cammer’) [Present-day Germany; Lithuania, Poland]: “His royal Majesty have graciously resolved [as per the order issued] on Nov. 13 to allow Jews to purchase cow- & horse-hides on the countryside, but only for the purpose of supplying these to tanners and cobblers who live in Pomeranian cities; but shall remain prohibited [to them] otherwise.”
David Friedrich Quickmannen, Justiz-Burgemeisters zu Treptow an der Rega – Ordnung oder Samlung derer in dem königlichen preußischen Herzogtum Pommern und Fürstentum Camin, bis zu Ende des 1747sten Jahres, publicirten Edicten, Mandaten und Rescripten, in Justiz-Policey- Militair- Lehn- Forst- Post- Zoll- Accise, Steuer- Manufactur- und Oeconomie-Sachen etc. (Frankfurt an der Oder; 1750); (David Friedrich Quickmannen, judiciary mayor of Trzebiatów – Listing or collection of all edicts, mandates, and rescripts pertaining to matters related to law, police, military, loan, forestry, post, customs, tolls, taxes, manufacturing and economy issued in the royal Prussian Duchy in Pomerania and Principality/Bishopric of Cammin until the end of the year 1747. (Frankfurt (Oder); 1750); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 2/25/2020