Feb. 11, 1723

“Royal Mandate” issued by George I of Great Britain [Present-day England and Germany; Electorate of Hannover]: “We, George, by the grace of God King of Great Britain […] declare herewith […] after having received reports from Our Justice-Department (‘Justiz-Collegia’) that on important investigations regarding robbery and theft, Jews, especially foreign Jews who secretly sneak into Our lands and stay with Our protected Jews and find in them a safeguard to pursue all sorts of evil intentions [have been implicated…] which is why We wish to order herewith and with the power of this [writ] that 1) as far as beggar-Jews are concerned […] they are not to be admitted into Our German lands at all, but instead, when they are caught, they are to be persecuted in all rigorousness and severity […] border-officers who knowingly allow such [beggar-Jews] to pass or do not do enough to stop them, are to be fine 50 Thlr. [Thaler] as well as any inn-keeper, host or landlord [who harbor them] whoever they may be shall be fined 10 Thlr. […]” [Researcher’s note: The above mandate contains III long paragraphs. It has been abbreviated to fit the allocated space, but can be found in its entirely in the cited source.  The document was signed in Hannover along with Andreas Gottlieb von Bernstorf[f] who was prime minister of the Electorate of Hanover and German Chancery in London.]
Chur-Braunschweig-Lüneburgische Landes-Ordnung und Gesetze, dritter Theil, worin enthalten Caput Qvartum, von Polizei-Sachen. Erster Band. Mit den zwölf ersten Sectionen desselbigen. Zum Gebrauch des Fürstenthums Lüneburg, auch angehörige Graf- und Herrschaften Zellischen Theils. (Local/land ordinances and laws of the [Elector]-Principality of Brunswick-Lüneburg, third part, which contains chapter four, pertaining to police-matters. Volume I. Containing the first twelve sections of the same. For the use of the principality of Lüneburg, as well as the Duchies and Lordships associated in the territories of Celle.); (Lüneburg; 1743); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 10/10/2019