Apr. 24, 1737

Berlin: Friedrich Wilhelm – Edict to prohibit Jews from manufacturing woolen goods/ commodities in Berlin and forbid them to trade with wool [Germany]: “… numerous German and French manufacturers of the local area politely complained that despite their tireless effort and all amounts they had expended in order to make the domestic wool manufactories the of best of the nation as they sold  their goods with great success inside and outside the country – thus providing for thousands of people – the wool manufacturers had to endure spoilage and industrial ruin for some time because Jews had started to interfere in their business by producing woolen goods, luring weavers and employed workers away by using vicious means and tricking them into cheap labor in a highly dubious manner. … More precisely, Jews should be prohibited from trading in any kind of wool at all times and more importantly they should be prohibited from producing goods. … Berlin, April 24, 1737 Friedrich Wilhelm”
Decrees Collection, AR 379, Leo Baeck Institute Archive, New York. Researched/Received Translation from Leo Baeck Institute 1/7/2015