Nov. 29, 1748

General Rescript, issued by Charles Eugene, Duke of Württemberg [Present-day Germany]: “On various occasions, we have learned, begrudgingly, that the 1551 regulation, regarding Jews who make demands for payment against Christians, has mostly been ignored in Our duchy and Our lands. Whereas We wish that the regulation – making it illegal to cede to Jews any payment that is demanded by the Jew from a Christian, be it in or out of court – shall be strictly obeyed, We hereby command all officials and officers of the state to ensure that it is followed punctiliously, by way of confiscating any such payments and transferring them to Our Ducal Accounting Office.”
Riecke, Christian H. Sammlung der württembergischen Gesetze [Collection of the Laws of Württemberg]. L.F. Fues: Tübingen, 1835. Vol. 6. Page 490. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 7/19/2020