May 22, 1750

“Ordinance” issued by Holy Roman Empress Maria Theresa [Present-day Czech Republic]: “[…] starting July 1, 1750, all unwed Jewish boys are to wear – as a distinguishing sign from the Christians – on the right arm where the cuff ends – a yellow piece of cloth that is two fingers in width and an eighth Ell in length […] and the women and girls shall wear a similar piece of yellow cloth sewn to their headbands. […] The Prague elders are to announce this order in the synagogues properly and to monitor that it is followed exactly. […]” [Researcher’s note: Married men were not required to wear any distinguishing signs since they were thought to be already easily recognizable by their long beards.]
Gesellschaft für Geschichte der Juden in the Cechoslov. Republik; I Jahrgang. Herausgegeben von Prof. Dr. Samuel Steinherz; (Prag; 1929); (Society for History of the Jews in the Czech Republic; Year’s Issue 1929; Published by Prof. Dr. Samuel Steinherz); (Prague; 1929); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 8/16/2017