Aug. 8, 1752

Order of the Court by the King Louis XV regarding Jewish merchants and peddlers in the city of Nantes. [Present-day France; Brittany]: “Jewish merchants and peddlers. – (…) – Order of August 8th, 1752, which enjoin all persons of Jewish nation not domiciled in this city and suburbs, and not employed in the role of capitation, to leave within twenty four hours, without returning, under threat of being extraordinarily persecuted, nevertheless those Jews, who by some particular privileges that they will be required to show, will be allowed to come and negotiate on fair days only.”
Ville de Nantes (Département de la Loire-Inférieure) Inventaire sommaire des archives communales antérieures à 1790 série ff. Jusctice, présidial, prévoté; procédure, procès intentés ou soutenus par la Commune; siège royal de la police, audience de la police, boulangers, bouchers, lieux publics, foires, vagabonds.) (City of Nantes (department of Lower Loire) Inventory summary of communications archives previous to 1790 series ff. Justice, chairperson, previous; procedure, trials intended or supported by the commune; royal seat of the police, hearing of the police, bakers, butchers, public places, fairs, vagabonds); Researched and Translated by Cristina Penland 5/27/2019