Feb. 20, 1754

“Ordinance” of Prince-Abbot Casper von Böselager [Present-day Germany; Princely-Abbey of Corvey]: “When a subject borrows money or other items from a Jew, they both shall register the debt-demands (specifics of the contract) with the appropriate Royal Chamber, and if in the future no extractus protocollli is presented, no claim shall be excepted.  […] Each Jewish lender is to report annually all earned and outstanding interests. If such reports are omitted and the interests grow (too) large, he (the Jew) shall lose all claims to the interests. […] He may not charge more than 6 percent […] This law is to be valid in all courts […].”
Jahrbücher für die Preußische Gesetzgebung, Rechtswissenschaft und Rechtsverwaltung.  Im Auftrage des königl. Justiz-Ministeriums herausgegeben von Karl Albert von Kamptz, königl. preuß. Wirklichem Geheim-Rath und Director in den Ministerien der Justiz und des öffentlichen Unterrichts. Neun und zwanzigster Band. Sieben und funfzig und acht und funfzigstes Heft (Yearbook of Prussian Legislation, Jurisprudence, and legal administration. On behalf of the Royal Ministry of Justice edited by Karl Albert von Kamptz, true-secret royal Prussian council and director of the ministries of justice and public education. Twenty-ninth volume; issues 57 and 58.); (Berlin; 1827); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 5/24/2019