Sept. 14, 1759

“Edict” for Prince-Bishopric of Paderborn [Prince-Bishopric of Paderborn; Present-day Germany]: “[…] The trade with low-quality coins/money is prohibited. […] Anyone who catches a Jew who is trading with low-quality coins and reports him [to the authorities] is entitled to one-fourth of that Jews wealth/assets.” [Researcher’s note: This edict was hung up at all local synagogues to serve as a warning to all local and foreign Jews. Although the source does not specify who this prohibition was issued by, it could be surmised that it was decreed by Clemens August of Bavaria who was the Prince-Bishop of Paderborn between 1719-61.]
Mitteilungen des Gesamtarchivs der Deutschen Juden. Herausgegeben von Eugen Täubler. Vierter Jahrgang. (“Communications of the Complete Archive of German Jew. Edited by Eugen Täubler. Fourth Edition.”); (Leipzig; 1914); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 10/2018 ADD PAGE #