Jul. 14, 1759

Edict Number 191 issued by King Fredrick II [Prussia]: “Jews are not allowed to establish private worship practices and those who violate paragraph 30 of the General [Jewish] Privilege are to be fined 10 Taler. Also, since the sight of worshipers assembled in a synagogue is offensive and objectionable, synagogues are not to be built without an explicit permission from His Royal Majesty. Finally, all rituals and ceremonies are to take place in back buildings [away from the public eye].”
Stern, Selma: Der Preussische Staat und die Juden, Dritter Teil, 2. Akten, 1. Halbband (The Prussian State and the Jews) (1971) p. 311 ff, Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 2/19/2016