Aug. 20, 1766

“Instruction for the Interim Chief-Coin-and-Mining-Meister, namely that of the current, and Our dear, loyal, high & noble born Joseph, Duke of Pachta and (Free) Lord of Reihofen/Reyhofen, Our Chamber’s True Secret Council […] our Gubernii* as well as the Chief-Court-Loan-Judge in the Kingdom of Bohemia issued by Maria Theresa [Present-day Czech Republic; Margrave of Moravia]: “We, Maria Theresa (‘Maria Teresia’) [instruct] the Interim Chief-Coin-and-Mining-Meister […] Article Seven. […] Number 22) Since the nearby Jews around Kutná Hora/Kutna Hora (‘Kuttenburg’) and other royal mining towns have been strictly prohibited of being present/linger in these mining towns by Our highly-honored ancestors, so we too want to have instructed/informed our Office of the Chief Coin and Mining Meister of these ‘Generalien’ (common law) so that he can pay close attention to any violators, as long as we have not deemed it necessary to amend this (law) with another supreme order. […]” [Researcher’s note: This writ was signed in Vienna. *A Gubernium (Gubernii pl.) was the political administration of a provincial district in and around Austria, Germany, and what was once known as Bohemia etc.]
Chronologisch-Systematische Sammlung der Berggesetze der österreichischen Monarchie. Bearbeitet von Franz Anton Schmidt, Doctor der sämmtlichen Rechte, wirkendem Mitglied des vaterländischen Museums, und wirklichem Mitglied der k. k. ökonomisch-patriotischen Gesellschaft im Königreiche Böhmen. (Wien; 1833) (Chronological-systematic collection of Mountain-Laws of the Austrian Monarchy. Edited by Franz Anton Schmidt, PhD in all laws, acting member of the patriotic Museum and a real member of the r[oyal] i[mperial] Economic-Patriotic Society in the Kingdom of Bohemia.); (Vienna; 1833); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 9/20/2019