Jun. 14, 1771

Ordinance, issued by the government of the Kingdom of Bohemia [Present-day Czech Republic]: “As it has come to pass that a Jewish applicant for a wedding license, in order to fraudulently obtain the required permit, produced a falsified attestation of his and his bride’s assets, and thus created the necessity to prevent any such illegal schemes in the future; thus all chief royal officers of the counties are to impress on the magistrates and county offices, that the same shall, in such attestations of assets for Jewish petitioners for a wedding permit, not use numerals for the sum of the combined assets, but letters, with penalties to be faced for any contraventions.”
Jaksch, Peter Karl (Ed.). Gesetzeslexikon im Geistlichen, Religions- und Toleranzfache, wie auch in Güter- Stiftungs- Studien- und Zensurssachen für das Königreich Böhmen von 1601 bis Ende 1800. Zweiter Band von E – H (Encyclopedia of Spiritual, Religious and Tolerance Laws, as well as Matters of Goods, Foundations, Education and Censorship, for the Kingdom of Bohemia, from 1601 until the End of 1800. Volume II from E – H). Government Printing Office: Prague, 1828. Page 65. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 3/1/2020