Dec. 11, 1772

Order by the Municipal officers prohibiting Jews to trade in the city of Blois. [France]: “We Mayor, Aldermen and Council members forming the municipal body of the city of Blois, (…) make Jews prohibited to trade sell and debit goods and to make any commerce in this city, under punishment of confiscation and a fine of a thousand pounds.”
Les métiers de Blois. Documents recueillis et publiés par Alfred Bourgeois” SOCIÉTÉ DES SCIENCES ET LETTRES DE LOIR-ET-CHER. Documents recueillis et publiés PAR Alfred BOURGEOIS Archiviste de Loir-et-Cher Vice- Président de la Société des Sciences et. Lettres TOME l. GRANDE IMPRIMERIE DE BLOIS 2, rue Haute. MD CCCLX XXXII (The trades of Blois. Documents collected and published by Alfred Bourgeois “SOCIETY OF SCIENCES AND LETTERS OF LOIR-ET-CHER” Documents collected and published by Alfred BOURGEOIS Archivist of Loir-et-Cher Vice-President of the Society of Sciences and Letters TOME I. GREAT PRINTING DE BLOIS 2 High Street MD CCCLX XXXII); Researched and Translated by Cristina Penland 5/27/19