Jan. 2, 1782

“Edict of Toleration for the Jews of Lower Austria” issued by Joseph II [Austria]: “(1) In the future also, the Jews in Vienna shall not constitute their own community, under their own direction…no public worship, no public synagogues, no press of their own for works in Hebrew…(2)…where no Jews have ever been domiciled, none shall be allowed to settle in the future. (3)…no Jew shall be free to come to Vienna from another Hereditary Land, to settle here permanently. (7) No Jew is permitted to settle in a rural district of Lower Austria, unless he proposes to introduce a manufacture or a useful trade… (8) We permit and command the tolerated Jews, in places where they have no German schools of their own, to send their children to the Christian upper elementary schools…and although they have no synagogue…we yet permit them to build for their children, at their own expense, a normally equipped school…”
“Joseph II’s Edict of Toleration for the Jews of Lower Austria (January 2, 1782).” No author, Accessed online 8/25/2011 ADD PAGE # AND RESEARCHER/DATE