Jun. 10, 1783

“Court Decree” issued by Kaiser Joseph II [Lower Austria; Present-day Austria]: “[…] If a man or woman or whoever reports to any of the ‘higher or local’ municipalities (Ober- oder Kreisamt) and claims to be a Deist or an Israeli […] he (she) is to receive 24 lashes with a leather whip without further inquiry and to be sent home after it. This is to be repeated every time he comes to register himself, […].”
Frank, Gustav: Das Toleranz-Patent Kaiser Joseph II: Urkundliche Geschichte seiner Entstehung und seiner Folgen (The Patent of Toleration of Kaiser Joseph II; Documented History of its Emergence and its Consequences); (Vienna; 1882); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 1/24/2017