Oct. 21, 1783

Order of the State Council of the King [France]: “Every Jew will pay 2 f (florins) 6 d (deniers) and their pregnant wives the double …” [Researcher’s note: Regarding “leud” fees and tolls to be paid by Jews and collected for the benefit of Marie-Antoinette Carrion Baroness Murviel, lordess of Montagnac by decision of the Parliament of Toulouse of February 4, 1600 and by order of Mr. Intendant of March 28, 1775 … confirmed by judgment of the Council of State of the King of October 21, 1783, and published October 19, 1783.]
“Archived Documents: Tarif de péage corporel” (Corporeal Tariff, Toulouse, Haute Garonne, France, January 26, 1783.) Accessed online. Researched and Translated by Cristina Penland 8/16/2019