Apr. 27, 1784

“Gracious Declaration-Edict, Regarding the Jewry in the Princely Oran[ange] Nassau Private Land. Given on the Day of 27 April 1784” issued by Prince Wilhelm d’Orange of Nassau [Holy Roman Empire; Principality of Orange-Nassau; Present-day Germany]: “By the Grace of God, Wilhelm, Prince (‘Prinz’) of Oranian, Prince (‘Fürst’) zu Passau, Count of Caltzenellenbogen […] The Jewry of Our Princely land/domain Nassau has humbly complained how they have suffered and been restricted in their trade and business dealings as a result of our Jewish Ordinance of January 17, 1770, which they claim pushes them into poverty and makes it impossible for them to submit the [required] protection money* (‘Schutzgelder’) into our stately treasury (‘herrschaftliche Kasse’) […]. Even though, We have found the Jewry’s complaint to be irrelevant, greatly exaggerated, and unfounded for the most part after further examination, and repeat/confirm the content of this Jewish Ordinance once again. However, we have found it necessary to clarify certain points with this Declaration-Edict: 3) Even though protected-Jews (‘Schutzjuden’)** were permitted trade with foreign fabric/cloths according to article 13 of the new ordinance […] the fabric/cloth guilds have pointed out to Us old letters (‘Kurbriefe’) proving that only they are permitted to trade with cloth which is why the earlier permission is revoke herewith […]. 4) Even though, the prohibition to trade with wool and fruit in article 14, number 1 remains effective, We have authorized Our state government to dispense [permission] in special cases where the exception will not have a negative effect on the community. […]” [Researcher’s note: This edict contains 17 articles and a number of subcategories; it has been abbreviated in order to fit the allocated space. This edict was published in its entirety on Saturday, June 19, 1748, in the Intelligence-Newspaper of Dillenburg. *Jews permitted to remain in certain domains were required to pay “protection-money” (Schulzgelder’) – a tax/fee that allowed them to settle so long they made that payment. **These Jews were then considered “protected-Jews” (‘Schutzjuden’) in that domain.]
Dillenburgische Intelligenz-Nachrichten, des Jahres 1784. Mit gwöhlichen Registern über die Verordnungen und einem Hauptregister über alle in den bisherigen 12 Jahrgängen enthaltene öconomische, sittliche, medizinische, historische, litterarische und andere dergleichen Artikel. (“Intelligence-News of Dillenburg of the year 1784. With usual records of regulations and a main register of all the economic, moral, medical, historical, literary and other such articles [from] the previous 12 year”); (Dillenburg; 1784); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 9/1/2018