Nov. 12, 1787

“[Royal] Court Decree” issued by the Austrian Royal Court [Present-day Austria, Czech Republic]: “[…] it appears that the registry drawn up by the Hebrew translator in Bohemia of the permitted first names for Jews is not written expediently, because it contains mainly those Hebrew first names, that cannot be turned/given in[to] German and are only understood by Jews. And since the Patent from July 23, 1787, explicitly orders, that no other first names may be used except German ones, […] therefore, no first names can be chosen from the alphabetical registry except the German first names – male as well as female – that are printed in red in the announced example, all others (names) however, which are not printed in red, are to be considered prohibited first names and subject to current fines/punishments. […] These first names permitted to be taken on are: *) […]” [Researcher’s note: *An alphabetical list of names – first male then female – follows.]
Beyträge zur Politischen Gesetzeskunde im österreichischen Kaiserstaate. Herausgegeben von Johann Ludwig Ehrenreich (Graf von Barth-Barthenheim); Erster Band. (Wien; 1821) (Contributions to the Political Jurisprudence in the Austrian Imperial State. Volume I; Edited/Published by Johann Ludwig Ehrenreich (Count of Barth-Barthenheim); (Vienna; 1821); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani, 4/6/2018