Nov. 10, 1787

“Gubernatorial Ordinance” (for Galicia) issued by the Austrian Government [Present-day Austria, Poland, and Ukraine]: “[Regarding] Production/Manufacturing Potassium Nitrate. (‘Salnitererzeugung’). In order to prevent fraud in terms of trading with powder and potassium nitrate, from which the Jews have been excluded via the Patent of April 13, 1786 […] this can also be applied to cases where such (Jews) who have permits (‘Kommission’) to purchase powder for another party, […] it is, [therefore], determined that such permits can never be transferred/granted to Jews and that no wholesaler (‘Grossiern’) and trafficker (‘Trafikanten’) may sell powder to a Jew under any circumstances. Except […] if one or the other party who needs this powder cannot get it except through [the help of] a Jew. In that case, a written certificate is to be issued by that party […] which the seller (Jew) is to keep on him at all times […] and the powder [must be] keep safe and sealed with the label [of the person] for whom the Jew has bought it for and will deliver it to.” [Researcher’s note: This Gubernatorial Ordinance stipulates that wholesalers and traffickers may not sell potassium nitrate to Jews, except in one specific case, and then only with extreme precaution.]
Handbuch aller unter der Regierung des Kaisers Joseph des II für die K. k. Erbländer ergangenen Verordnungen und Gesetze in einer Sistematischen Verbindung; enthält die Verordnungen und Gesetze vom Jahre 1787. Dreizehnter Band. (Wien; 1789); (“Handbook of all under the reign of Emperor Joseph II issued ordinances and laws in the r[oyal] i[mperial] hereditary lands in systematic order/connection; contains the regulations and laws of 1787. Thirteenth volume.” (Vienna; 1789); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 11/16/2013