Dec. 13, 1804

“Ordinance” issued by the Austrian Government [Present-day Austria, Czech Republic; Austrian Empire]: “Since regardless of existing laws, Jews have occasionally, and from long ago, come to own Christian homes through (fraudulent) pretense-purchases and fake debt, and have leased, and even taken ownership of the lands of subjects, these are to be taken from them and sold, that is why the decrees of May 31, 1798, and August 14, 1900, and the ordinance of November 21, 1799, are to be re-publicized […and ] that according to patent of August 3, 1797, §45, Jews are not allowed to take ownership of any land (‘Meisterhofsgründe’), except by temporarily leasing it.”
Auszug aller im Königreiche Böhmen bestehenden Verordnungen und Gesetze nach Johann Roths Advokaten und Justiziärs der k. k. Staatsherrschaften Kotieschau and Kladrau, unter buchstäblichen gereihten Aufschriften der Gegenstände nach der Zeitfolge verfassten Sammlung neu aufgelegt, verbessert und vermehrt durch Johann Blaseck, k. k. Rath, Unterthansadvokaten und Fiskaladjunkten im Königreiche Böhmen. Fünfter Theil. Von Gef bis kirsch.; (Prag; 1817); (“Abstracts of all existing regulations and laws in the Kingdom of Bohemia according to Johann Roth’s, advocate/attorney and justice/council of the r[oyal] i[mperial] sovereignties [Chotieschau] and Kladruby, newly reissued collection in alphabetical and chronological order, improved and augmented by Johann Blaseck, r[oyal] i[mperial] council of subjects (prosecutor) and fiscal adjunct in the Kingdom of Bohemia. Fifth part. From Gef to kirsch); (Prague; 1817); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 4/9/2019 ADD PAGE #