May 30, 1807

“Regulations Regarding the Sons of Tolerated [Jews] after their Deaths” decree issued by the Austrian Government [Present-day Austria]: “In case the sons of tolerated [Jews] are tolerated [themselves] after the death of their father, they are to be required to disclose, where their wives and children will find accommodations after their [own] deaths. […] Those sons of tolerated Israelis, who do not wish to continue the useful trade of their deceased father, are to be relegated – if they have a family constellation (residency) in a different country – to that place; if they are however – as it is the case with most of them, who are residents of Vienna – they are to be permitted a temporary stay in Vienna […] however, they should not be permitted to wed or to establish a family in Vienna, but in that case, they should be required to look for an alternate place to live. Those sons of tolerated Jews, however, who cannot demonstrate to have a specific lively-hood (a manner to make a living), or engage in unauthorized activities, are to be regarded as unemployed/without a trade and are to be expelled from Vienna. […]”
Beyträge zur politischen Gesetzkunde im österreichischen Kaiserstaate; Herausgegeben von Johann Ludwig Ehrereich (Graf von Barth-Barthenheim): Erster Band; (Wien; 1821); (Contributions to the Political Statutes of the Austrian Royal State; published by Johann Ludwig Ehrereich (Earl of Barth-Barthenheim); (Volume I); (Vienna; 1821); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 10/26/2017 ADD PAGE #