Aug. 10, 1810

Ordinance, issued by the Archduke Charles, Governor of Bohemia [present-day Czech Republic, Germany, Poland]: “In wedding permit applications by Jewish couples, a Certificate of Blood-Relation is to be completed by the rabbi of the town, city or county, and to be legalized by a government office. It shall not be sufficient that such a certificate merely state that there is no kind of relation between the betrothed that would make the marriage illegitimate, but more specifically, such certificates shall specifically document that there is no relatedness between the betrothed at all. However, if there should be some degree of relatedness between them, then the exact nature of that relatedness shall be expressed, in the way it exactly exists. This shall also apply to those related only by marriage and not by blood.”
Grassl, Ignaz. Das österreichische Eherecht der Juden [The Austrian Marital Laws for Jews]. Braumüller: Vienna, 1848. Page 32. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 2/10/2020