Dec. 2, 1810

“Ordinance” issued by Holy Roman Emperor Francis I [Franz II] [Present-day Austria, Croatia, Hungary; Holy Roman Empire]: “[…] the magistrates and the mayors (‘Amts- und Orts-Vorsteher’) are ordered to obtain permission from the Jewish Tax Office (‘Steuerpachtungs-Direkzion’) rather than from the Administrative Business/Economy offices (‘Wirtschaftsämtern’) whenever Jews apply for a peddling-permit, and to request from the district tax collector[‘s office] (‘Bezirks-Steuereinnehmer’) confirmation of his (the Jew’s) […] assets and payment of the proper taxes, and to send in such [documents] along with the application and proof of the properly paid taxes to the county office. Without these confirmations (‘Bestätigungen’) no Jew is to be issued a peddling-permit.”
Systematische Darstellung aller über den Hausier-Handel bestehenden kaiserl. Königl. österreichischen Gesetze und Verordnungen verfaßt von Friedrich Selner (“Systematic Representation of all Imperial Royal Austrian Laws and Ordinances regarding Peddling written/compiled by Friedrich Selner”; (1847); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 8/12/2017