Aug. 1, 1811

Mandate, issued by Frederick Augustus I, King of Saxony [Present-day Germany]: “If a Jew is to lend money to a Christian, he must have the Christian acknowledge receipt of the loan in court, and in front of a magistrate and his associate judges. Any loan contract shall be null and void, and a Jewish creditor shall forfeit the repayment thereof, if this requirement of recognition in court has not been met.”
“Ihro Königlichen Majestät von Sachsen etc. etc. etc. Mandat die, zu mehrer Beschränkung des jüdischen Wuchers [His Royal Majesty of Saxony etc. etc. etc. Mandate, towards the limitation of Jewish usury],” 8/1/1811; Decrees Collection; AR 379; Box 1; Folder 100; Leo Baeck Institute. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 12/16/2019.