Aug. 9, 1811

Circular on the escort duty for Jews coming from Warsaw to Galicia issued by the Government of Galicia [Present-day Poland and Ukraine]: “From now on every Jewess or Jew coming from Warsaw to Galicia may only cross the border at a border post. They have to pay when entering the following fee as an escort duty: A. any trading Jew 4 fl. 45 kr, B. any Jews staff or Jewess 3 fl. 15 kr., C. every Jewish child under 14 years 1 fl 45 kr. […]”
Edicta et Mandata Universalia Regnis Galiciae et Lodomeriae, 1811 [Universal Edicts and Mandates of the Kingdoms of Galicia  and Lodomeria], page 118. Researched and Translated by Franziska Wagener 10/2016