May 4, 1812

“Concerning the Admission of Jews into the Community as Protected Citizens” issued by Charles I (Karl I) [Grand Duchy of Baden; Present-day Germany]: “We Carl, by the grace of God, grand duke of Baden, Duke of Zähringen [near Freiburg], Landgrave of Rellenburg and Count of Hanau […] 2) Jews […] can become a protected citizen and only a protected citizen so long as they do not engage in emergency/crisis trade [‘Nothhandel’] and can show to own [the legally required amount of] assets […] and has acquired a properly learnt trade/craft or […] art [… and so long as they] have the necessary education in reading and writing of the legal language and arithmetic/counting. […]”
Großherzoglich Badisches Regierungs-Blatt.  Zehnter Jahrgang Nro. 1. bis 37.  Mit Großherzoglich Badischem gnädigstem Privilegie. (Carlsruhe, 1812); (Governmental Gazette/[News]paper of the Grand Duchy of Baden. 10th Year. 1 to 37. With the Gracious Privilege of the Grand Duchy of Baden); (Karlsruhe; 1812); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 8/5/2018