Jun. 25, 1812

“Instructions Regarding the Execution of the Edict of March 11, 1812” issued by Royal Prussian Government [Prussia / Present-day Germany, Poland, Belgium, Denmark, Czech Republic]: “I 1) A complete list of all resident Jews are to be compiled by the local police … 6) Although the choice of a family name is generally left for the heads of the families to decide, the government retains the right to decline certain names when deemed appropriate and request the acceptance of another name. … II … 1)  Jews who are traveling through the country and those who want to do business in the country have to be distinguished from each other and local authorities have to mind the following: a) No Jew is to be be allowed into the country who does not posses a valid passport made out by his local authorities containing his name, his profession and the reason for traveling.  … 3) Foreign Jews who do not enjoy the same citizenship rights in their fatherland are only allowed to purchase Prussian products and to sell only products that are available in their home country – and only on open markets and on large trading venues. All other professions and trades – especially detail trading and peddling as well as commission based or freight-forwarding businesses are strictly forbidden.”
Heinemann, Jeremias.: Sammlung der religiösen und bürgerliche Verfassung der Juden in den königl. Preuß Staaten betreffend den Gesetze, Vervordnungen, Gutaschten, Berichte und Erkenntinisse. 1831; p. 6-13. Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 11/21/2015