Jun. 28, 1812

“Highest Decision” issued Emperor Francis I (Franz) and published by the Royal General-Commissionaire of the District of Retzat [Austrian Empire; Present-day Austria]: “In the Name of His Majesty the King of Bavaria. […] The extension/cessation of a Jewish family occurs […] when the head of the family, to whom the letter of protection [residency permit] was issued […] dies, or if it (Jew) is unable to continue the business due to age or frailty or disability and quits altogether. In either case, the protection (permit) can not only be transferred to one of the children, or a relative, but also to any other kind of […] Jewish individual, if he proves to be qualified for such a business according to the estimation/discretion and decision of the Royal General-Commissionaire. […]”
Intelligenzblatt des Rezat-Kreises. I. Stück. Ansbach, Mittwoch den 8. Januar 1812 (“Intelligence-Paper of the District of Razat. 1. Piece. Ansbach (City), Wednesday January 8, 1812”); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 8/1/2018