Aug. 1, 1812

“The Admission of Complete Lists of Jews Currently Present in the Country” Issued by the Royal Prussian Government of Pomerania [Prussia / Present-day Germany]: “For the purpose of executing the edict from March 11 of this year, regarding the civil rights of Jews in the Kingdom of Prussia, all Jews are required to get registered within 6 weeks (between August 1 and September 12). All heads of Jewish families in cities are called to register either the Chief of Police or with the municipal authorities. Jews living on the land are to register with county districts administrators [Kreis-Landräthen]. Those who fail to do this will be presumed to have forfeited their rights as citizens. All Jewish fathers are called to consider this a notice to follow.”
Heinemann, Jeremias.: Sammlung der religiösen und bürgerliche Verfassung der Juden in den königl. Preuß Staaten betreffend den Gesetze, Vervordnungen, Gutaschten, Berichte und Erkenntinisse. 1831; p15 ff. Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 11/8/2015