Jan. 8, 1815

Wedding License Ordinance, issued by the government of the Kingdom of Bohemia [Present-day Czech Republic]: “In the future, all county offices have to submit all reports of wedding license petitions by Jews to the state government in the following manner, covering each and every point in order, while ensuring that all documents and certificates are correctly produced in compliance with all ordinances: […] c) The circumcision certificate, signed by the circumciser, in which the birth order of the petitioner must be indicated definitively; d) The original conscription form of the groom, or a notarized copy; […] m) The groom’s certificate of having successfully passed the examination from the textbook Bne-Zion, to be issued by the county office and signed by a magistrate or official of the dominion, as well as by the rabbi who was present at the examination; n) For the bride, the same Bne-Zion-certificate; o) the deposit slip indicating the community property of the betrothed, certified by a magistrate or county official. […]” [Researcher’s note: Bne-Zion was a work commissioned by the Austrian government, for the instruction of Jewish students in moral and religious principles.]
Jaksch, Peter Karl (Ed.). Gesetzeslexikon im Geistlichen, Religions- und Toleranzfache, wie auch in Güter- Stiftungs- Studien- und Zensurssachen für das Königreich Böhmen von 1801 bis Ende 1825. Siebenter Band. (Encyclopedia of Spiritual, Religious and Tolerance Laws, as well as Matters of Goods, Foundations, Education and Censorship, for the Kingdom of Bohemia, from 1801 until the End of 1825. Volume VII). Government Printing Office: Prague, 1829. Page 440. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 2/17/2020