Jan. 24, 1815

“Ordinance. Patents regarding the Jews” issued by Royal Imperial Austrian and Royal Bavarian Common Shared-Land-Administration-Commission [Present-day Austria, Germany]: “Since the local-administration wishes to maintain the restriction set forth in the French decree from March 17, 1808, regarding usury and the unlawful trade of Jews […] that is why it orders herewith: that starting March 1 of this year, each Jew who is engaged in trade is to obtain a patent-permit for the year 1815 as per article 7 of the above-mentioned decree. These patent[-permits] will be issued by the appropriate local-district after an inquiry into the morality of the applicant[‘s character] has been completed, […] in the following manner […]” [Researcher’s note: Jewish applicants are asked to produce a number of attestations and witnesses proving that they have not engaged in usurious trade, that they are honest businessmen, and have paid the required permit fees, etc. The full text can be found in the cited source.]
Die fünf französischen Gesetzbücher in Deutscher Sprache nach den besten Übersetzungen. (The five French law-books in the German language according to the best translations.); (Zweibrücken; 1827); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 5/31/2020